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The Process

Over the years, I’ve streamlined the process of providing design services to you to be particularly efficient and cost effective. My clients appreciate my listening and communication skills, as well as my patience and calm demeanor.

This is how I might work with you on print or web projects:

Step 1. We’ll meet to discuss your project. I’ll ask questions, brainstorm, spark your imagination, gestate ideas and probably ask you a few more questions as I learn about your company, your customers, and your needs. This will help us create ideas that communicate your message and your unique identity.

Step 2. I’ll create some beginning designs, concepts, looks, and solutions. We’ll choose from among these, discuss, and go deeper if needed. Then I’ll refine the designs until we’re both satisfied.

Step 3. Once the design is approved, the production phase come next. Here your look will manifest on paper or screen. With print projects, the electronic layout will be developed and we’ll work through several rounds of proofing before preparing your artwork for the printer. For a website the development and programming begins.

Step 4. After all the details have been carefully attended and addressed, your print project will be delivered or your website launched!

Call 503-230-7101 or email today to find out how I can work with you to visually illuminate your message.

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