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“The CopperMoon work ethic is without question. I can always depend on receiving a well thought-out and executed design that meets my client's needs and exceeds their visual expectations. The process is nearly always smooth as glass and, in the rare instance of a hiccup, Vicki bends over backward to make it right immediately.”
Keleigh, web designer, beachdog.com

“I was looking for someone who could embrace my goal of having a very clean, graphically appealing site and at the same time have all of the elements that make the experience user-friendly. I chose CopperMoon because I appreciated Vicki’s work as an artist and, equally important, I knew she was patient and had a sense of humor. That all proved true. I would not hesitate to refer friends and colleagues to CopperMoon Design.”
Vicki W, Victoria Perkins Studio

“Your down-to-earth style, professionalism, and friendly personality made it a pleasure to work with you. You really understand the importance of designs that are clean and communicate but that are also creative. You don't let the message get lost in the artwork. I was also impressed with your understanding of how all the individual elements fit together as a whole to communicate my message.”
Pam, Farmer's Insurance Agent

“Your ability to develop designs for our very specific population in a way that made those materials accessible to that audience was really impressive. The innovative use of color and white space to make the materials visually appealing and invite the reader into the message was great! I particularly liked the way you used photographs—it was subtle and evocative for our audience.”
D, county program administrator

“You have the special skill of being able to listen carefully to what my clients want/need and then translate that idea into a well-designed piece. More than once, the pieces you have designed have brought compliments. I feel fortunate to work with someone who can seamlessly translate the emotion/message and cadence of language into a piece is clean and elegant.”
Liz, writer

“Your calm demeanor helped me feel less 'frustrated' about my inability to do my own marketing pieces. I felt that I was in 'good hands' and that you would come up with something that would work. In fact, you came up with two possibilities and both reflected your ability to take what you had learned about me—from just one meeting—and create images that really worked in projecting my personality and marketing focus. I loved working with you because you made the process so easy.”
Christine, mortgage broker

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